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Tyler Pluss

Owner of Ruff House

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Ruff House

Tyler's dog Ryker (Black Lab) in action!

Tyler has been training and working with dogs since he was twelve years old. He has and currently is competing in the sport of Schutzhund which involves training dogs in Tracking, Obedience, and Protection (sport dog type of protection) at a high level.  Tyler and his dogs were also involved in making of the TV show called Saving Private K9. In this show Tyler and his dogs played as actors in replicating real life stories from Military and Police K9 units.  Tyler's passion for dogs is what caused him to start the Ruff House Dog Boarding facility, because his dream is to  work with dogs in a friendly atmosphere. Tyler's goal/ Ruff House's goal is to create a friendly environment for your dog to play with other dogs during their stay. However Ruff House does recognize that not all dogs play well with each other and will place your dog accordingly to his/her behaviors.